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Selasa, 14 Februari 2012

Valentine Day

Today is 14 february,and everyone know today is VALENTINE DAY.. :)
Happy Valentine Day all :D
I love u mom,dad,my brother,family,and friends :*

Yeah,last night I was celebrate Valentine night with my best friends :).but..It's made me bit sad because I've celebrate this valentine without boyfriend :(
anyway,We were create a form of love by wax.It's looking so nice :D 
and sure we're don't forget to take photo in this moment..

Me in form of LOVE
I just wearing simple items,
the items are unbranded Polkadot Blues & Wedges,High waisted short from ZARA,and DIY Headband

Hope all of you have a nice valentine in this year :)
Love..Love ..and Love

Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

Gone Too Soon

Approached the national exam feels my day is very busy with school. Every day (except Sundays) my time is taken to schools, tutoring and working on school assignments are almost endless.But  This week isn't too busy like last week.And actually I have the chance for hanging out with my friends.These are some photos that took before I go to hanging out :)

this is my favorite necklace,it's pink pearl neacklace
I buy this at MM
Oxford shoes in flats
Belt & Basic Tee - unbranded
Bag from H&M
Floral skirt
and other accesoris

Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

My new favorite color

Hello blogers,i'm back to blogging.
I really miss you are.. :*
I was too busy with my school assignments, that's why I'm on hiatus from the blog in a long time. Well,this's my 1st post in 2012..
I want to tell you that I've new fav.color and the color is RED. It means New fav.color... LOL :D 

These are some picture when I wearing RED items..

My favorite picture,the editing by me :)

Red bowler hat from ZARA
T-shirt from health
Bag from ZARA
Red Jeans - unbranded
Oxford shoes