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Kamis, 15 November 2012

Photoshoot with B'ZINK

Hy readers :) 
Long time not posting anything,seems like I'm a bad blogger. :(
by the way how's you're week..? my week so very frustrating and depressing because too much problems,
two of them are missing my phone and my modem is broken  :( 
okay out of the topic,I want to share about my photoshoot with my best friends that called B'ZINK, I really  love this moment, because this is the time we get together again after we were separated because now lectures at different places and city.Oh yeah, this post should I post three weeks ago, but since after doing a photoshoot I had to prepare for midterm exams for two weeks. And finally the days midterms over, I hope to get good results. Check it out some photos of our photoshoot :)

 I Love this one :)

 and this is me I'm wearing flower lace that I borrow from my friend,flower innards, asymmetrical skirt & black wedges and I added owl necklace,the necklace is a gift from my best friend.

Flower Lace - unbranded
Flower innards - Forever 21
Owl necklace 
Asymmetric skirt - ZARA

Sabtu, 29 September 2012

It's Good Time

It's been a long time i'm not posting anything on my blog. Because I've preparing my self for the college,the other reason is I felt too lazy to post anything (I don't know why). But at least that feeling is over,now I miss blogging,I miss posting about my outfit,sincerelly i'm back :)
Oh yeah,and it's been a month i'm in a college life and it's not like what i thought before. I still miss high-school,my classmate,and my bestfriend. I'm feeling like stuck in a boring place, i'm tired of feeling like i'm not good enough for anyone. I just need a great place to run away, a perfect place to heal. Ok I think it's enough to talk about my feeling bored 

Now I want talk about my quality time with my pretty cousins,I was hangout with them at kopikita.So exited, we eating,talking,gossiping & doing crazy thing LOL :D. Here some photos of us.

I was just wearing a simple outfit,but still looks stunning. Floral shirt,I bought about year ago,gray jeans, bag & sneakers.And i'm forget to wearing accesories,I just wear double finger ring that gift birthday from my besfriend . Sorry for the bad quality picture because I forget to bring my camera so I just took photos by my camera phone *poor*.

floral skirt & jeans - ZARA
Bag - Unknown
Sneakers - urban

Senin, 25 Juni 2012

Ivana Novelin's Giveaway

Hulaa raders :)
I want to tell you that I've join Ivana Novelin's giveaway on her blog here. What a lovely giveaway,there're so many beautiful accesories! So what are you waiting for? let's join the giveaway guys.
And about Ivana's blog, I love her blog. Because she has a nice blog and I like to see her style in fashion,simple but still look so stunning <3 <3

Selasa, 05 Juni 2012

My My

Hy my lovely readers J
Hello “june”,bye “mey”..
 Wahh.. it’s already June,time rolling too fast. In this month I have preparring my self to face state university entrance test or well known SNMPTN test. Thest will be going on next week. ButI feel I’m not ready yet. I thought my preparation is still little. But I have to believe in my self that I can, Fighting, Wish me luck J
Out of the story,I want to post some outfit snaps. When nothing have to do in my house and feeling bored,I find the idea to mix & matching some stuff. And tadaaa... I choose to mix the floral skirt & pink top. I never  wear the skirt before since I bought it last year. The top is made by cotton.Let’s see how I mix & matching the stuff... cekidot



“Fashion is not about how many stuff that you have,but how creative you are to mix your stuff”

Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

Trying to be American Girl

Hello readers :) 
Oh poor my blog,I seldom post anything :( maybe I have to handle my time for blogging. #curcol
Ok for this time I want posting about my  photoshoot session
Yesterday I have a photoshoot with simple outfit,like you're see on these some photos.
I'm wearing denim jacket from ZARA,my new dress with american flag motif ,and June+Julia wedges *again*

Senin, 23 April 2012

Dots on Polkadots

Hello readers :) Sorry for not post anything for a long time because 3 weeks ago I've been busy to preparing my national examination..
National examination is just over and now I'm waiting  the announcement.of the result,hopefully I'll get best score :)
For waiting the announcement the 12th grade have free day,and now in filling my free day I want to post some looks. These photo was taken about 2 weeks ago but I just have a chance to post it now.
check these out...

The red polkadots blouse is my favorite one

Polkadots blouse from ZARA
Asimetrical skirt from TOPSHOP
Wedges from June + Julia

Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012

DecimalShoes Giveaway!

I've join the decimalshoes GIVEAWAY!..
awesome giveaway,hopefuly I can be the winner
I choose  2 different shoes are JASMINE and CINDY

 this is JASMINE
I like model of this shoes :)
and this is CINDY 
Cindy is an edgy heels with three different colors that's looking so beautiful! 
They are obviously AWESOME! I'm so in love with their shoes.

Here's step how entry this giveaway
1. Open Decimal Shoes web and choose the shoes, don't forget to be our member (1 entry).
2. Like Decimal Fanpage and write below the giveaway post why you choose that shoes. (1 entry).
3. Follow their twitter @decimalshoes and tweet about why you choose that shoes (2 entry).
4. Have a picture wearing Decimal Shoes? Tag it to our fanpage with a comment about the shoes (1 entry).
5. Don't forget to leave a comment here telling me your active email address so I can contact you if you win.

Extra entry: blog about this giveaway in your blog (1 entry). 

Note: remember, you can choose more than 1 shoes as long as the price not more than Rp. 500.000 / USD 50.

Number of entries will be listed and selected by a random generator. So the more entries you have, the more chances are you'll win. It's open for International readers and limited only to the reader of Decimal Shoes (it's mean you also have to follow them to the GFC or bloglovin) and this giveaway will be close on March 31st, 2012.

Jumat, 23 Maret 2012

Tik Tok

Hello readers :)
On yesterday, When I was cleaning my almari I found one big size blouse and I think I will mix  it with another stuff. I choose basic top and high waisted short to mix and matching it and I'm not forget to adding some accesoris. Oh yeah in my neck,that's D.I.Y  neacklace and pink bracelet on my hand it's actually a necklace..LOL :)
Check these out my outfit photos :D

 This photo was edited by me..
I've make a lookbook

From Head to Toe :
Headband - unbrand
D.I.Y necklace
Basic Top - unbranded
Pink pastel - big size blouse - Topshop
High waisted short - denim - Zara
Wedges - June & Julia

Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

Lovely Lue Giveaway

Hi Readers :) 
I've join giveaway *again*
The giveaway are cute necklace :) 
Check this out at Lovely Lue Giveaway
Hopefully I can be the winner
Good Luck for me :)


I was join Sheinside giveaway at Veren Lee blog's
The giveaway is long sleeve sweater UK
This's link of the giveaway

Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

Red Admirer

Actually, this post should be enterred 1 weeks ago.. But, my school activities make me didn't have time for blogging.. :( 

when I did not have anything at home and no homework I decided to take some photos.
Try to matching the Red T-shirt with leopard print legging and actually they're so stunning. Adding some accessories and wearing wedges it can make look so cool :D
oia..The t-shirt I was bought at last month..
Check these out my outfit photos,Emm..but I'm sorry for the low quality of photo :(

 These some accesoris I wear

Red T-shirt - Zara
Leopard print legging - Forever 21
Accessories - YSL
Wedges - Unbranded
wristwatch - Hermes

Selasa, 14 Februari 2012

Valentine Day

Today is 14 february,and everyone know today is VALENTINE DAY.. :)
Happy Valentine Day all :D
I love u mom,dad,my brother,family,and friends :*

Yeah,last night I was celebrate Valentine night with my best friends :).but..It's made me bit sad because I've celebrate this valentine without boyfriend :(
anyway,We were create a form of love by wax.It's looking so nice :D 
and sure we're don't forget to take photo in this moment..

Me in form of LOVE
I just wearing simple items,
the items are unbranded Polkadot Blues & Wedges,High waisted short from ZARA,and DIY Headband

Hope all of you have a nice valentine in this year :)
Love..Love ..and Love

Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

Gone Too Soon

Approached the national exam feels my day is very busy with school. Every day (except Sundays) my time is taken to schools, tutoring and working on school assignments are almost endless.But  This week isn't too busy like last week.And actually I have the chance for hanging out with my friends.These are some photos that took before I go to hanging out :)

this is my favorite necklace,it's pink pearl neacklace
I buy this at MM
Oxford shoes in flats
Belt & Basic Tee - unbranded
Bag from H&M
Floral skirt
and other accesoris