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Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

Red Admirer

Actually, this post should be enterred 1 weeks ago.. But, my school activities make me didn't have time for blogging.. :( 

when I did not have anything at home and no homework I decided to take some photos.
Try to matching the Red T-shirt with leopard print legging and actually they're so stunning. Adding some accessories and wearing wedges it can make look so cool :D
oia..The t-shirt I was bought at last month..
Check these out my outfit photos,Emm..but I'm sorry for the low quality of photo :(

 These some accesoris I wear

Red T-shirt - Zara
Leopard print legging - Forever 21
Accessories - YSL
Wedges - Unbranded
wristwatch - Hermes

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  1. beautiful pictures! ;) really nice blog

    "comment is made by boy"

  2. thanks a lot my dear for your sweet comment on my blog ^^
    I did follow you too..
    have a nice day!


  3. cool accessories <3

    come & enter my threetones dress giveaway!
    with love,


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