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Sabtu, 29 September 2012

It's Good Time

It's been a long time i'm not posting anything on my blog. Because I've preparing my self for the college,the other reason is I felt too lazy to post anything (I don't know why). But at least that feeling is over,now I miss blogging,I miss posting about my outfit,sincerelly i'm back :)
Oh yeah,and it's been a month i'm in a college life and it's not like what i thought before. I still miss high-school,my classmate,and my bestfriend. I'm feeling like stuck in a boring place, i'm tired of feeling like i'm not good enough for anyone. I just need a great place to run away, a perfect place to heal. Ok I think it's enough to talk about my feeling bored 

Now I want talk about my quality time with my pretty cousins,I was hangout with them at kopikita.So exited, we eating,talking,gossiping & doing crazy thing LOL :D. Here some photos of us.

I was just wearing a simple outfit,but still looks stunning. Floral shirt,I bought about year ago,gray jeans, bag & sneakers.And i'm forget to wearing accesories,I just wear double finger ring that gift birthday from my besfriend . Sorry for the bad quality picture because I forget to bring my camera so I just took photos by my camera phone *poor*.

floral skirt & jeans - ZARA
Bag - Unknown
Sneakers - urban

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